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Welcome on the Same day loans!

Same day loans presents you with a new website. We've made a complete exchange of our design. The old desing was dumped and its replacement can be seen here. We hope that the new version of the website will get positive reviews.

Even if Same day loans changed its outside appearance, we stil provide top-notch service. Our loans are carefully calculated so you won't be billed excessive interest rates. Even though we work in an industry which is full of unethical people, we are the only company to have much required certificates. This is why we are officially the most respected payday lending company. Our payday loans have lowest interest rates(estabilished by law) - that's why we have the cheapest offer. Fear not as the customer service doesn't suffer because of that. In fact, thanks to our love for the efficiency, our staff is more kind for the borrowers. We send our employees to special training camps where they learn how to act good.

Consider our lender Jack - he is a great guy, finished a great college with extremely good results. Asked why he does what he does, he simply says: "Since childhood I wanted to be a same day lender. Same day payday loans provide me with a sense of accomplishment. I sleep relatively well knowing I do good for the world."

That's right - making the world a better place is our top priority. If we can make a bit of money with that, that's great. So what are the margins on our same day cash loans? We get a 20% yearly return rate, which is quite high. What is interesting is that we get it all while offering the lowest price possible. Honestly, if you step back and look at every offer you will see quickly why we are the best. Research shows that our loans have APRs lower by around 30%. Our competition has lower margins and charges higher interest rates. They also use deceptive advertising. For example, they may state:

"We give payday loans with no credit check and no faxing".

Which is untrue. They can't offer you an online loan with no faxing because it would be impossible to confirm your identity. If you see any of such claims, please stay away. For your own safety, it is better to find another lender. Same day loans is one of the legit lenders.

We also do not engage in "fraudulent collection activities". If you can't pay back, we will simply wait for you to get back on track. You can always suspend repayments for up to half a year. This will help you live a better live. Loans given the same day and could be repaid half a year later? Who would have thought about such a great product? Well, apparently we did. If you want to get us your feedback, feel free to mail us:

All in all, we hope you will enjoy your stay. Same day loans is always happy to help you. If you have any more questions, call our 24/7 service:


Ask for Jack from the same day loans.

Best regards


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Why we are legit?

Our APR is the lowest in the whole industry.
We have a 24/7 support.
We are not using fraudulent collection activites.
Our interent reviews all all positive.

Latest testimonial:

I needed money to buy medicine for my daughter. provided me with much needed assistance. The repayment process was flexible and they were not pushing on me. Thank you guys!

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